Stray Buddy

Estimated 20,000 human rabies deaths annually
& more than 3 crore stray dogs on Indian streets:
how to coexist?


Stray Buddy is a platform to promote harmonious coexistence of humans and stray dogs. It is based on tested models to facilitate self-managed community initiatives to humanely manage and control the dog population. This benefits residents as it reduces so-called stray dog nuisance in India.
By demonstrating a practical approach with free and open source tools, we hope to inspire and encourage everyone who is interested in creating a positive environment in their own area for strays and people to coexist.

Are you a feeder or caregiver of stray dogs in your neighbourhood? Are you an elected representative of the Residents Welfare Association in your colony? Are you an NGO managing an overfull shelter? Are you a government official in charge of Animal Birth Control and rabies prevention?

Stray Buddy gives guidance to volunteers, organisations and officials based on hands-on experiences with community stray dogs

Stray Buddy shows you a practical way to manage community stray dogs with plug-and-play sample tools that you can download and customise. This will help you to keep track of sterilisations and vaccinations, create proper dog feeding places, raise awareness by engaging youth, training guards and more.

Stray Buddy’s materials are for free because we want to inspire and encourage as many communities in India as possible.

Why Stray Buddy?

  • About 3 crore (30 million) stray dogs live on Indian streets (nobody knows exactly how many). Many are left in unhealthy conditions. People say they cause nuisance and menace. The population seems to be steadily increasing. 
  • The Government’s Animal Birth Control program is not implemented effectively. There is a lack of government funds and rabies only recently (Sept 2021) has become a notifiable disease in India.
  • Animal rights laws prohibit relocating dogs from their familiar territory. Shelters are overfull and find it difficult to sustain themselves financially. Healthy dogs should not spend their life here.
  • Individual citizens who take self-responsibility and carry out their constitutional duty to be compassionate with strays are often harassed by fellow residents who are misinformed about dos and don’ts to attain harmonious coexistence.

Domesticating and humanely managing stray dogs at the community level is the solution to many of these issues. We truly believe that #coexistence is possible! 

Our practical step-wise approach & resources that work for you


Identify strays and caregivers


Make proper feeding arrangements 


Keep the stray dog population under control


Keep your area rabies-free and strays healthy


Raise awareness in your area