Stray Buddy


Use these tools to feed stray dogs and keep your community clean

Where to feed the dogs?

Identify suitable stray dog feeding points in your colony, away from busy areas and house entrances. Beware that strays should not cross each other’s territory to reach the food points. Request your RWA to place official sign boards, dustbins and street-lights there. Make sure that feeders do not leave any paper or plastic behind – keep your community litter-free! Download an example sign board provided by Animal Welfare Board of India. This may be replicated (permitted by AWBI).

how to feed the dogs?

Healthy dogs are happy dogs: feed your community dogs a proper meal at least once a day. You could raise donations to hire an external feeder. The feeder should be guided where to feed and which dogs to feed daily. This routine should be checked and monitored at least once a week by a caregiver from your colony. Download a list of companies/private feeders in Delhi who can provide freshly cooked food. You may add more contacts and share your experiences with others in this excel-file.